Not another Blogger..

I know, I know! Can there be anymore more bloggers!

This is not going to be your typical blog .. I hope. This website is aimed at providing some insight into the cocktail craze we currently find ourselves in.

Just like doughnut shops, cocktails bars are popping up around Cork City like there’s no tomorrow. This has led to certain questions ..

  • Where is the place to go?
  • How to I order a cocktail and look like I know what i’m doing at the same time?
  • How do I impress my tinder date with my choice?
  • A cocktail is how much?!!

Theses are just a few questions that lurk in the minds of us all.

No fear, i’m here to help! What qualifications to I have? None really, other than four years of bar tending in Ireland and Canada, witty banter and a love for DIY cocktails.

Plus I’m a recent graduate, it’s about time that I add something to my CV and put my knowledge to the test.

You don’t have to pay €10 for a cocktail anymore and if you do, this will tell you the best places to go.

This, you new 101 guide to cocktails will not only help impress your friends with your cocktail ideology but also give you a guide in how to make and create your own creations. From sex on a Kinsale beach to turning vodka into triple sec, this will show you the way.

(Fun Fact: The picture above is one of my own sangria creations taken in Montreal, Canada during the Grand Prix.)

Cheers to that!

C x



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