Oh hello,

Fancy seeing you here!

Want to know more about “Not another Mojito”

Well, let me tell you a little story about how it came about.

Mojitos, that summer drinks. That light at the end of a week’s work. The smell of freshness and “ah sure it can’t be bad for ya”.

Like all cocktails they have a great side, but like all bar-tenders can tell you, sometimes cocktails can have their moments.

  • Have you ever has that moment when you done drinking. You know if you have another drink you’re going to be on the floor. Then your friend comes over and hands you another cocktail. Jokingly you say “Oh, not another Mojito.” Inside you are thinking … not another mojito … We have all been there.
  • Are you a bartender? Busy nights, flashing those lastcall lights and hoping it will make the crowd disappear so you can snooze. In fact those lights call for a rush to the bar. Like if you weren’t busy enough, you get asked for a mojito. I don’t know about some of you bartenders out there, but I hate making mojitos. Ain’t nobody got time for crushing that ice and mint.

Oh you meant you want to know more about me? My bad!

Hi, Ciara here. 22 years old and getting older by the day, naturally.

I live in Cork City but originally from County Waterford.

If you haven’t guess already, I have a passion in the art of sarcasm, with a hint of love for the drink industry.

You’ll just have to wait and see if this turns out to be a success to learn more.

C x


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